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foreverjade's Journal

Welcome to a world where nothing happens lest you believe.

17 June
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Okay, I'm Jade, and I'm fifteen. I come from Ioway, oh Ioway, where the corn grows so fresh, and the cheese never melts....

Um, what else... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Johnny Depp, and Remus Lupin. I'm pretty up to date on current events and I watch A LOT of movies. I play the guitar, violin, and piano... an advantage =D

Um. I have a callus on my finger, I just noticed >.>
WHAT I LIKE: Johnny Depp, My Boyfriend, My Best Friend, Remus Lupin, My Laptop, My iPod, My iPhone, my iPad, my Galaxy SII...

WHAT I HATE: Backstabbers, leeches, cocroaches, my Motorola, my Nokia...